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About Salvation Knights
 Salvation Knights is a World of Warcraft Level 25 Alliance Guild  

Guild is always recruiting new players.  Guild is mature, friendly and enjoys participating in events  (scenarios, dungeons, raids, world events, pvp, battlegrounds, acheivements or simply leveling) regardless of skill level or ilvl gear.  Come make some new WOW friends.  .

Currently looking for active members to start raiding 10/25 Normal Raids.  All are welcome regardelss of experince or iLvl gear. Please check out the Rapid Raid tab for current members.
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Guild Polling Questions
Are you interested in forming PVP teams.
YES - but new and way undergeared. (0/3)
No - no interest (1/3)
Sign me up- if someone makes us teams (0/3)
Yes - whats a few deaths between friends. (2/3)
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